The following are links to the nine Golden Retrievers that qualified at the 2006 Master National. Each link leads to a slide show for the best images I got for each of these dogs. Please go through these images and pick the ones that you would like to appear along with the field artical scheduled for the GRNews field issue. You will find image names at the bottom of each slide beggining with NU3C... Once I have the names of the images the commitee would like to use, I will provide them directly to Sylvia. Please note that most of these images have barely been processed and don't depct the quality of the finished product. I don't do final proccessing until a print is ordered. Thanks for your help!



#63A. Emberain Devil In Disguise, MH
              Owner/handler  Ellie Green, Kentfield, CA.
#70A. Emberain Lefty Lucy, MH
               Owner/handler  Pat Denardo, Grass Valley, CA.
#80A Webshire’s Y II K IX, MH
               Owner:  Lisa & Brian Hartfield, Larsen, WI.
               Handler:  Brian
#107A Flyway Resawood’s Blue Horizon, MH
                Owner/handler  Nancy Murillo, Chico, CA.
#113A Resawood’s Premium Blend, MH
                 Owner/handler  Nancy Murillo, Chico, CA.
#1B Stephen’s Comanche Scout, MH
                 Owner:  Katherine & Anthony Urquidi
                 Handler:  Anthony
#100B Timberline Magic Goldust, MH
                 Owner/handler  Rod Krahmer, Salem, OR.
#116B Red Desert Dust, MH
                 Owner:  Gale Mettenbrink, Chandler, AZ.         
                 Handler:  Roger May