Marin Retriever Club Hunt Test

May 19 - 20, 2007
Oroville, CA


Thanks for your interest in the images from the MRC Hunt Test..

A couple of notes about these images:

- There was at least one dog I was unable to identify so if you don't see your dog's gallery, look for a gallery called "unidentified" and see if he or she is in there.

- If you own a black dog, you know how challenging it is to get a nice image of them. If any part of them is in shadow, POOF!, there goes the details in that area and it's really hard to get it back even in post processing. So just keep that in mind. I think you'll be able to tell which images I'm talking about from the proofs. Mostly they were the "coming back" shots on land with the bird in their mouths and the sun to their backs. On water it was the launching shots that were questionable. I went ahead and included them anyway because you may want those shots. In most cases it's just the face that is shadowed and it's not that many pictures - just dogs. <grin> Now if you had a Golden, we wouldn't be having this discussion now would we? ;>


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I've included below a few of my favorite frames. I HAD to include a couple of our Senior Buy dog "Rocket" who happens to be owned by our Judge , Tony Urquidi and his wife Kate who handled Rocket. I owe Tony a couple prints for putting up with my requests that he bark out the number of each and every dog so that I could keep track! The others are a couple of shots that get to me every time; a dog that is just as powerful coming back as going out. I love to see that in a retriever and I love it more when I can catch it in print.

Stephen's Red Rocket Timbeline MH - Buy Dog Princess Of The Dancing Tules Rockyhill's Roc's Red Glare
Trumarc's Bankshot Bandit

Last but not least, performing the well known Southern Yoga move which he invented, "Dawg On Stick" is Whitey's Ice Cold Bud II - "Duece"