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Please understand that these are only proofs. They are not representative of the high quality photograph that you will receive after ordering but just a representation so that you may see orientation and subject matter.

I now use SmugMug as my sales site. Smugmug allows you full cropping to your hearts desire. That's great for both of us as I don't have to guess how you might want your image cropped and you get to crop exactly as you would like. There is only one problem and that is with images where the subject is very small in the frame. Those of you with small breeds are certainly familiar with that issue. There is not much I can do about that unless I only shoot when your dog is within range to fill the frame. I choose not to do that because I believe you might want images of your dog competing in events even if they are a little small in the picture. PLEASE, be careful with how much you crop your pictures. There is no magic program running behind the scenes that will warn you that you've over cropped. Try to be realistic. I have the option of overriding your crop and will do so if I decide it will result in an inferior product. If you have any specific concerns about cropping on an image, please contact me before placing your order at and we can discuss it.

Any requests for image changes such as removal of leashes, background objects etc. must be made via email prior to placing the order. It's best to wait until I have responded in case there are complications with the request. In some cases extra charges will apply.

I am now including low res digital copies sent via email for any print that gets ordered. You can now share your prints with friends via facebook and email etc without going to the trouble of scanning them yourself!

Thanks for looking!

Had a wonderful time this weekend shooting at the Bakersfield trial! So great to see all my Southern Cal friends! I'll be working on the images over the next few days. Keep and eye below for links to the Sat and Sun pictures. Congratulations to everyone that got legs or finished titles!

All images for Bakersfield are now online and available to review and order! Thanks for your patience! Please note that there were too many WIN photos to edit the photo sign with the titles earned prior to sale. If you buy one of the win photos, I will edit it as normal and then digitally add the title earned to the sign board at that time. Same goes for the portraits and leashes that are visable on the grass. I will edit those out before sending off to the lab. Thanks!

Bakersfield OTC Rally Trial 10-13-2019
Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 10-12-2019
Bay Team Agility Trial 05-19-2019
Don't forget the discount code Starters20 for the Starters and Perf 1 galleries!
Bay Team Agility Trial 05-18-2019 Don't forget the discount code Starters20 for the Starters and Perf 1 galleries!
Gavilan KC Rally Trial 05-04-2019
Gavilan KC Obdience Trial 05-04-2019
DTCSV Rally Trial 08-05-2008 - note that Win photos will have sign board updated after order is placed.

DTCSV Obedience Trial - LOW RES Images. See note below.
Note, these are low res images all in one gallery and being offered for free due to a problem with my camera on Saturday. You will be able to right-click on them and "save as".

DTCSV Obedience Trial 08-04-2008 HIGH RES IMAGES
MBDTC - Rally Trial 07-28-2018 (Afternoon)
MBDTC - Obedience Trial 07-28-2018 (Morning)
DMKC - Rally Trial 07-15-2018
DMKC - Obedience Trial 07-14-2018
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-03-2018
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-02-2018
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-01-2018
VHOC - Rally 12-10-2017

VHOC - Obedience 12-09-2017
BOTC - Rally 10-15-2017
BOTC - Obedience 10-14-2017
MBDTC - Obedience and Rally 08-06-2017

DTCSV - Obedience Trial 08-05-2017
French Ring Trial, Watsonville, 07-22-2017
DMKC - Rally Trial 07-16-2017
DMKC - Odedience Trial 07-15-2017
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-04-2017

DMKC - Agility Trial 06-03-2017
Valley Hills Obdience Club 12-11-16

Valley Hills Obedience Club 12-10-16
BOTC Obedience Trial 10-15-2016

DMKC Rally Trial 07-17-2016

DMKC Obedience Trial 07-16-2016
DMKC Agility Trial 06-05-2016 S(Sunday)
DMKC Agility Trial 06-04-2016
Valley Hills OC Rally Trial 12-06-2015
Valley Hills OC Obedience Trial 12-05-2015
Monterey Bay DTC Xmas Portraits
Bakersfield OTC Rally Trial 10-11-2015
Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 10-10-2015
MBDTC Rally Trial 08-02-2015
DTCSV Obedience Trial 08-01-2015
DMKC Rally Trial 07-12-2015 Pictures
DMKC Obedience Trial 07-11-2015
DMKC - Agility Trial 05-31-2015
DMKC - Agility Trial 05-30-2015
Valley Hills OC Rally Trial 12-07-2014
Valley Hills OC Obedience Trial 12-06-2014
Montery DTC Christmas Pictures 10-14-2014
Bakersfield OTC Rally 10-12-2014
Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 10-11-2014
Monterey DTC Rally - 08-03-2014
DTC of Salinas Valley - 08-02-2014
Norcal GRC CCA 07-27-2014
DMKC Rally Trial 07-13-2014

DMKC Obedience Trial 07-12-2014
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-01-2014 (Sunday)
DMKC - Agility Trial 05-31-2014 (Saturday)
Valley Hills Obedience Club 12-08-2013
Valley Hills Obedience Club 12-07-2013
Monterey Bay DTC Xmas Pictures 10-15-2013
Bakersfield OTC Rally Trial 10-13-13
Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 10-12-13
Monterey Bay DTC 08-04-2013
DTC of Salinas Valley 08-03-013

Norcal GRC CCA 07-28-2013

Del Monte KC Rally Trial 07-14-2013
Del Monte KC Obedience Trial 07-13-2013
Deep Peninsula DTC Obedience Trial 06-24-2013
DMKC - Agility Trial 06-02-2013 (Sunday)

DMKC - Agility Trial 06-01-2013 (Saturday)
Monterey DTC XMAS Photos - 10-16-2012
Bakersfield OTC Rally Trial 10-14-2012

Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 10-13-2012
GRCA National Open All Age 09-13-2012

GRCA National Puppy Stake 09-12-2012
GRCA National JH Group A 09-11-2012

GRCA National WCX-B Group 09-10-2012Trane 2012 Golf Tournament
Monterey DTC - 08-05-2012
DTC of Salinas Valley - 08-04-2012
NorCal GRC CCA 07/29/2012
please note that if you order any stacked shots, I will photoshop
out the armband numbers before sending to the lab for printing.
Del Monte KC Rally Trial 07/15/12

Del Monte KC Obed Trial 07/14/12
Deep Peninsula DTC Rally Trial 06/24/2012
Del Monte KC Agility Trial - Sunday 06/04/2012

Del Monte KC Agility Trial - Saturday 06/03/2012
Norcal GRC Specialty 10/22/2011
Montery Bay DTC Christmas Photos 10/18/2011
Bakersfield OTC - Sunday 10/16/2011
Bakersfield OTC - Saturday 10/15/2011
Monterey Bay DTC 8/7/2011
DTC of Salinas Valley Saturday 08-6/2011
Del Monte KC Obedience Trial - Saturday 07/16/2011
Del Monte KC Agility Trial - Saturday 06/04/2011
please read above info on cropping before ordering
OTC of Bakersfield Rally Trial - Sunday 10/17/2010
OTC of Bakersfield Obdience Trial - Saturday 10/16/2010
Monterey Bay DTC Christmas Portraits
GRCA 2010 National Welcome BBQ and Awards Dinner
GRCA 2010 National WC/WCX Qualifier Group Photos

GRCA 2010 National WCX

GRCA 2010 National Obedience Trial Non Reg
GRCA 2010 National Obedience Trial - Reg Classes
GRCA 2010 National Rally Trial
GRCA 2010 National Agility Trial - Sorry for the size on some of the galleries!
GRCA 2010 National Field Trial - Puppy Stake
GRCA 2010 National Field Trial - Derby
GRCA 2010 National Field Trial - Qualifiers Stake

Trane Golf Tournament 8-26-2010
Mission Hills Equestrian Center - 8-14-2010

Monterey Bay Dog Training Club - 8-8-2010
Dog Training Club of Salinas Valley - 8-7-10

Norcal Golden Retriever Club CCA 7-25-2010
Del Monte KC Rally Traal 7-18-2010
Del Monte KC Obedience Trial 7-17-2010

Images from the events below are no longer avaiable online but if you are looking for something specific, contact me and I can probably get my hands on the image(s)!

Del Monte KC Agility Trial 6-6-2010
Del Monte KC Agility Trial 6-5-2010
Davis Dog Training Club TD Test
Montery Bay DTC Christmas Pictures 10-20-09
Montery Bay DTC Christmas Pictures 10-28-08
Dalmatian Club of Northern Cal. - 10/24/08
Norcal GRC Specialty 10-18-08
SSCA National - Obedience and Rally Trials 10-16-08
SSCA National - Herding Trial 10-15-08
Norcal GRC Workshop - 08-23-08
Monterey Bay DTC 8-03-08
DTC of Salinas Valley 8-02-08
Town & Country DTC Fun Match 07-26-08
Del Monte KC Rally Trial 7-13-08
Del Monte KC Odience Trial 7-12-08
Norcal Golden Retriever Club CCA - 7/6/08

Deep Peninsula DTC Obedience Trial - 6/22/08
Monterey Bay DTC Agility Trial - 06-15-08
Monterey Bay DTC Agility Trial - 06-14-08

Norcal Golden Retriever Club WC/WCX Test 06-07-08
Dell Monte KC Agility Trial - Sunday 06-01-08
Del Monte KC Agility Trial - Saturday 05-31-08
Hangtown Kennel Club Rally 05-25-08
Hangtown Kennel Club Obedience 05-24-08
Klamath Dog Fanciers Rally Trial - 05-11-08
Lori Drouin and Laurie Beck Photo Sessions - Klamath Falls 05-10-08
Klamath Dog Fanciers Obedience Trial - 05-10-08
Southern Oregon KC Obedience Trial - 05-08-08
Gavilan Kennel Club 04-27-08 Sunday Breed Win Photos
Gavilan Kennel Club 04-26-08 Saturday Breed Win Photos
Gavilan Kennel Club 04-25-08 - Obedience Action Shots
County-Wide DTC 03-23-08 Afternoon Trial
County-Wide DTC 03-23-08 Morning Trial
Fresno DTC - 03-16-08 - Rally
Fresno DTC - 03-15-08 - Obedience
Santa Clara DTC - 01/20/08
Monterey Bay DTC Xmas Pictures
Norcal GRC 2007 Specialty - 10-20-07
Bakersfield OTC - 10-14-07
Bakersfield OTC - 10-13-07
San Lorenzo DTC 09-30-07
Fremont DTC 09-29-07
GRCA 2007 National Specialty - Non-Regular Obedience 09-19-07
GRCA 2007 National Specialty - Reg Obedience 09-19-07
GRCA 2007 National Specialty - Rally 09-18-07
Norcal Golden Retriever Club Hunt Test - 9-8-07
Trane Golf Tournament - 8-23-07
Monterey Bay DTC - 8-05-07
DTC of Salinas - 8-04-07
Norcal Golden Retriever Club CCA - 7-09-07
Golden Liberty Leap - 6-30-07 thru 7/01/07
Deep Penninsula DTC - 6-24-07

Del Monte KC Agility Trial - 06-2-07 thru 06-03-07
Marin Retriever Hunt Test 05-19-07 to 05-20-07
Jojo Portraits
Klamath Falls Obedience Trials
DCA National Specialty Agility 04-28-07
DCA National Specialty Obedience 04-27-07
DCA National Specialty Rally 04-27-07
County-Wide DTC 3-25-07
Fresno DTC Rally Trial 3-18-07
Fresno DTC Obedience Trial 3-17-07
BCOA Lure Coursing Trial 03-10-07 and 03-11-07
Santa Clara Dog Training Club 01-21-07
Bakersfied OTC Rally Trial10-15-06
Bakersfield OTC Obedience Trial 010-14-06
Vanek Dogs Water Action Portraits 10-07-06
2006 Master National - 10/1-06 - 10/8/06
Best Viewed at 1280x1024 screen resolution
Norcal GRC Hunt Test, Sunday Senior Water Series 09-24-06
Norcal GRC Hunt Test, Sunday Senior Land Series 09-24-06
Norcal GRC Hunt Test, Saturday Junior Water Series 09-23-06
Norcal GRC Hunt Test, Saturday Junior Land Series 09-23-06
Eugene Cluster Sunday 09-10-06
Eugene Cluster Saturday 09-09-06
Eugene Cluster Friday 09-08-06
Eugene Cluster Thursday 9-7-06
Monterey Bay DTC - 08-06-2006
DTC of Salinas Valley - 08-05-2006
Deep Peninsula DTC 06-25-06
Norcal GRC CCA 06-11-06
Norcal GRC WCX Stake 06-03-06
Norcal GRC WC Stake 06-03-06